Y150 ヒルサイドエリア編 Part2/Back to Y150 in Yokohama hillside aria




The big event to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the opening of the port of Yokohama: Y150 is finally coming to its closing this weekend after the 5 month term. So Ms. N and I went to the Hillside Aria again to see this gigantic grasshopper that had not been there when we visited the place last time. The 50m long grasshopper is so huge that pictures with it seem as if those are surrealism painting…. We enjoyed that interesting view with some beer under the blue sky in the fall. 

Y150 その他の風景も少々。前回も紹介した「つながりの広場」にて、横浜市環境創造局キャラクター「だいちゃん(ピンク)」(前回来た時は青いだいちゃんと記念撮影していたので両方見られて何となくラッキー)。

The mascot of Yokohama municipality environment division: Dai chan

Y150 タイの生活文化を紹介するブースにて、おそらく“タイ”にかけて子供たちが“なりたい姿”や“なりたい自分”を記したであろう言葉の数々。


Children put their wish on cards and put them together. One of them says “I want to be a cat.” I can feel for him or her.



Y150 右の写真はパンが補充されたばかりのもので絵としては今ひとつなのですが(上の写真の奥が焼けたもの)、これは蓄熱式ソーラークッカー「グローバルサンオーブン」と言いまして、太陽光だけで内部は160℃から200℃近くにもなるそうです。日照量に合わせて羽を動かし蓄熱量を調整可能。晴れていれば屋外に放置しておくだけで1リットルの水が30分で沸騰、ケーキなら1時間で焼けるとのこと。エコロジーであることに加えて“実用性となるとどうなの?”というその時間が、また素敵。アメリカ製、定価37,000円也。

American made Sun Ovens are baking breads with only sunlight. It takes half an hour to boil 1 litter water and an hour for baking a chocolate cake but first of all, how environmental friendly!

Being environmental friendly is also the theme of this event. Y150 had shown how it would be important for our future and our planet: Earth. I really like that.



 ヒルサイドを後にし、隣接する「横浜動物園 ズーラシア」へ(こちらは開園10周年)。引き続き屋外のビールと、愛らしい動物達を満喫。写真は園の象徴的存在でもあるオカピのレイラ嬢。6頭いるオカピの中では一番の美人だそうです。

Zoorasia ドーレくんの遠い遠い親戚、シロフクロウ。

Zoorasia 順路を逆に進んだため、本来なら最初に会うはずのインドゾウを見てお別れ。また来ます。ありがとう。

We also visited Zoorasia located next to the Hillside Aria: zoological gardens featuring nature preservation and real wild life exhibition. We found that it was in its 10th anniversary too, and enjoyed seeing animals there (Okapi is kind of symbol of this zoo and actually really popular one).

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第42節 湘南戦/VS Shonan Bellmare (September 27th, 2009 at Atsubetsu Stadium)

 ダニルソンもソン ファンもいない状態で湘南相手は正直厳しいかと思っていましたが、蓋を開けてみれば攻撃でも守備でも相手を圧倒、終始ゲームを支配し、今季ベストとも言える内容での快勝でした。





Sunday, Seventh placed Consadole Sapporo beat down 3rd placed Shonan Bellmare by a score of 2-0 at Atsubetsu Stadium. Quirino’s 2 goals and Takahara’s blocking penalty kick greatly delighted almost 8,900 home fans gathering under the autumn blue sky.

It might be the best game for this season’s Consadole. All players worked really hard and tough from the first to end with high concentration against the strong rival that is in the mid of promotion race. Although it seemed that Shonan’s eleven had been tired a little and the team obviously had been in difficult moment, Sapporo can be proud of the overwhelming victory. Especially, its first scoring that started from Miyazawa’s pass to Nishi who had broken the right side was remarkable; 18 year old rookie Furuta rushed to Nishi’s sharp strong grounder cross gathering defenders but he just passed it up fantastically for Quirino's goal. Those young players’ fresh idea and trying have really saved the team recently. Of course, experienced players such as Haga who made up Danilson’s injured leaving perfectly and Takahara who showed some unbelievable super save this day were also good with substitutes Sunakawa and Nakayama who worked as they had been expected.

There is good chance that Sapporo makes more 2 big upsets against Vegalta Sendai and Cerezo Osaka if they grew this playing. Go Consadole Sapporo to make the rest of season more interesting!

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第39節 甲府戦/VS Ventforet Kofu (September 13th, 2009 at Kose Stadium)




Sunday’s J2 league game between 4th placed Ventforet Kofu and 7th placed Consadole Sapporo at Kose Stadium became a really hot one. The first half was totally for Kofu; ace Maranhao’s 2 goals had warmed up over 11.000 fans there enough but Fujita’s 49th minute scoring with his skillful dribble and grounder shoot for Sapporo also expected its fighting back from there. Every player worked hard and tough keeping trying the best with strong feeling and will. So it was close and tough but witch ruled the breathtaking second half finally was Kofu. Its players exceeded the rivals a little but in all fields: physical strength, speed and skill, to survive the promotion race for this season.

Although Consadole players did well too, their careless defence caused bitter ending again. Ishizaki had changed its 4-1-4-1 formation to 4-2-3-1, maybe to stand against Kofu’s strong pressure in the midfield but it won’t work after all. It was also unlucky for Sapporo that Danilson, its center key player had to left the pitch for the last 45 minutes because his possible injury.

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第38節 愛媛戦/VS Ehime F.C. (September 6th, 2009 at Atsubetsu Stadium)

sweet corn from Sapporo






On Sunday’s game at Atsubetsu Stadium, seventh placed Consadole Sapporo met 14th placed Ehime F.C. and beat it by a score of 3-2 turning over 2 goals behind.

Consadole players had made too much mistakes mostly from their poor careless play in the first half but got second wind with its fresh substitutes such as Sunakawa, Nakayama and Rafael, and finally turned it over by the three Brazilians’ scoring: Quirino’s 56th minute sliding goal, Rafael’s 70th minute grounder middle shoot and Danilson’s fine middle shot to reflection from an Ehime’s defender blocked Rafael’s shoot in the 73rd minute to celebrate his own birthday.

Ehime’s eleven worked really hard and kept trying to counter attack from the first to end but they got passive slightly especially after Rafael’s equalizer. Sapporo can not be without its problem like poor defence, however, succeeded in extending its loose less streaks to seven. And next game against Ventforet Kofu must be very important for Sapporo to decide how it plays the rest of this season. Go, Consadole Sapporo!

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第36節 草津戦/VS Thespa Kusatsu (August 30th, 2009 at Shoda Shoyu Stadium)




Sunday, Consadole Sapporo beat Thespa Kusatsu by 5-2 at Shoda Shoyu Sutadium to leap up in 7th place. Kusatsu stayed in 12th place.

Although hard rain and slippery pitch made the game tough, Consadole eleven finally ruled it with hard and sticky playing. All of them were always active and quick and kept trying well. Once Sapporo going ahead with Nishi’s header to Miyazawa’s cross in the 17th minute, 27th minute’s Danilson’s long clearance invited Quirino’s speed running and grounder shoot, and the last minute of first half Nishi scored again to extend its lead to 3.

Second half also started for Sapporo; Fujita’s sharp free kick broke the wall of Kusatsu to make his first scoring of this season in the 48th minute. The home team was never bad; they made some good chances from its quick counter attack and in the 71st minute Koike slickly caught Consadole defenders’ miss to score their first goal, but they had allowed the opponents too many goals early in the game. They added one more score, with Sada’s latest lightning grounder goal, still, 75 minute’s Miyazawa’s volley to reflection from a Kusatsu’s defender in jam packed penalty area had already finished it.

For Sapporo Danilson’s limitless physical strength helped his teammates more than usual and goal keeper Takahara who played for J league game first in this 3 seasons and showed nice long feeds could be another cause of the victory. 

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